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RDX: Am I the odd man out?

by Gaurav Sethi

I was surprised when this kid in the dressing room came up to me and said he knew I had fallen five runs short of a hundred on debut at Lord's. Just when I patted him, one of the seniors sniggered - going by his scoring rate now, he will fall 95 short of a hundred...

I just hid behind my book. But it is wisecracks like this that make me more determined.

Just when I was coming out of hiding from behind my book, ready to face the cruel world again, another kid said he was surprised I batted at No. 7 on debut, after Jadeja and just before Anil Bhai.

I was impressed by his knowledge, patted him, when another senior snapped – At 7 then, and now at 3, always the odd-number man.

This time I didn’t hide behind my book, I just added - yeah, and by the third test I was at 5…always the odd man out.

He didn't know where to look, this time he had to hide, behind The Sun. I resisted from making any digs at the rag, for I knew they would be lost on him.

I returned to my Ocean of pearls.

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