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28 year old man suddenly regresses to the age of 14.

by Bored Guest

The family of a man identified as Vijay Chauhan reported to be in his late 20s was in for a shock when he began to pack some notebooks in a bag before going off to sleep at an unusually early hour so he could wake up in time for school the next day. "After watching TV over dinner, he excused himself and was frantically looking for his school calendar so he could pack his bag according to the next days timetable", said the man's visibly distressed wife. "Vijay even mouthed some juvenile expletives when he realized he had two periods of SUPW the next day", she added.

The trauma for the family was over when he was reminded that he was 28 years old, the year was 2011 and school was 11-12 years ago. While initially unbelieving, the man was eventually reminded of his age when family members repeatedly showed him pictures of India's World Cup victory and also convinced him that the "hot didi" in the room was actually his wife.

Earlier in the evening, Vijay had been watching the 2nd Test between India and England on TV. Soon he began cursing Mohd. Azharuddin, supposedly the Indian captain, for India's shoddy performance. "Actually, I blame it on the team. England's tail batted longer than our whole team. This took me back to the 90s when I was a school kid and believed in the Indian team's moral right to victory. With this performance, the memories of Durban '96 and Barbados '97 came back to me. The resemblance to this test was so much that I started believing I was in the 90s all over again. Look we also allowed Broad to come back into form and talk about replacements turning out match winning performances. I am telling you, it was not difficult to be taken back to the 90s. " said Vijay speaking at a press conference after it was confirmed that he had regained his senses and come back to the present day. "By the way, anyone know whats up with Franklin Rose ?", he added.

Aashish Kapoor, a pillar on whose shoulders Team India rested in the 90s was quick to point out how Harbahajan Singh, just like him, was effectively playing the role of an extremely ineffective spinner. "The game plan for the boys should be to ball well, field well and bat well, you know and we will be back in this series", added India's longest serving captain of the 90s, Mohd. Azharuddin.

Pranav thought he'd play for India. An honest self evaluation of his cricketing talents made him realize that he would do well if he made the playing 11 of his college team for 2 consecutive games.
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