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A telephonic conversation

by Golandaaz

Dravid: Hello Honey, eh..... how are you dear.
Mrs. Dravid: All's well Rahul, can't wait to have you back at home. Will sure need your help. Your parents are driving me insane. And when you are here, no more dinners with VVS, I don't like his wife.

Dravid: Well should I say this.....
Mrs. Dravid: Now what's up....have you met anyone?

Dravid: Its not that jaan, its just that....ehh...err....
Mrs. Dravid: What is it Rahul, come on, I don't have time for your dithering. Out with it.

Dravid: Did you read today's paper?
Mrs. Dravid: What's that got to do with anything? What is it darling, tell me....

Dravid: Well, I won't be home until late September.
Mrs. Dravid: And why is that?

Dravid: My country needs me...
Mrs. Dravid: Your country needs you for what....

Dravid: I have been picked for the One Day Series after the Tests
Mrs. Dravid: But jaana, didn't you tell me you'd retired because you wanted to spend more time with me

Dravid: Yes that's true....but honey, I forgot to retire..I mean I did intend to but never announced it formally
Mrs. Dravid: Whatthefuckyouforgottoretire.....Rahul what is this? How can you forget to retire...You have to learn to be more responsible you will forget I am your wife....look at Sachin...he decided to retire from T20 cricket and he made sure every damn paper in the country knew it...when will you learn from him...You disgust me one thing..don't come back at all.... (click)

1 comment:

crownish said...

aww, the wall's to the wall!