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BCCI announces more warm-up matches

by KhufiaBaaz

India’s second warm-up game hasn’t gone too badly, someone other than Rahul Dravid has made a hundred – the third opener Abhinav Mukund. He had no right to, but if he can, everybody should, is the thinking doing the rounds – if we have more warm-ups, who knows, MSD and Raina could get 50s, and that augurs well for CSK.

The 2 day game against Northants is over on Saturday, which leaves a full three days for the Indians. BCCI is in talks with the ECB to shove a few more warm-up games, the odd T20 (the boys like that) and even a one-day international, the kind of thing the world champions like. There is also a strong push from the BCCI for coloured clothing in test cricket. But the BCCI is no hurry, a test series with the Sri Lankans could be a good testing ground for that.

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