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RDX: Feels funny to be back in the one-day side.

by bored cricket crazy indians

During the tests, the boys had been joking about a one-day call up for me. To be honest, I found it quite funny too. But in the last few months, I’ve made my peace with those demons we never talk about.

I won’t be too surprised if I’ll have to thank Sachin for this. A few weeks back I went up to him and apologised for declaring when he was in the 190s – I told him, if I could, I’d gladly take it back. He nodded as he often does at the crease, and mumbled something.

Then the Colonel appeared, and we actually exchanged a word, if I recall it was, “Hello!” For me, the healing has begun. I started feeling younger around Shane and Liz. Liz discussed with me at length the secret behind my intense-sweating, she wondered if there was a weight-loss marketing angle to it. Both she and Shane have this incredible ability to tweet and talk at the same time. They tell me, with my multi-tasking abilities, I should try twitter too.

I can expect Ravi to say, “There’s no question about it, he should play till he is fit” and Sunny Bhai will say, “ Look at all those runs Rahul Drrravid has scored, not just in test cricket but in one-day cricket too – over 10,765 runs, this series will be a good opportunity for him to get to 11,000 runs, which is no small feat…to score Eleven Thousand takes…”

Of course I know my strike rate is on the lower side when compared to Viru or to be honest when compared to anyone except maybe Atapattu, but I believe you never stop learning and I’d like to think that time spent with the youngsters in the IPL has taught me a thing or two. Did I tell you about the way I went out with Shane and Liz, ok, I’ll save that for another day.

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