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Indian cricketers to undergo cataract and knee replacement surgery.

by KhufiaBaaz

Just when you thought it was all but over, medical science could extend a few flagging careers in the Indian cricket team. Even though this will mean missing out on another West Indies’ series, the players will be available for the Champions League starting September 23, with the final in Chennai on 9th October. CSK is expected to play that game. 

After hair transplants invaded cricketers’ scalps, could the medical cartels be far behind? Here they are, ready to grab their pound of flesh – already an ad shows a cricketer promoting a hospital  – “Cricket is a religion in India and Delhi Maximum Medical World is my temple.” Another one shoots – “I like to Pharma the strike with Zetziggi plus”.

It is not yet known whether Pujara will be allowed to keep his nose out of this. But it is almost certain that Raina could add a few more inches with the Height Advancement therapy, you can almost guess what his ad will say, “I added a few inches to overcome the short ball’. Not funny, but then, neither is this.

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