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Indians demand match-fixing allegations

by Golandaaz

"What's really upsetting is that no one's implying match fixing here", said one prominent Indian cricketer on the condition of strict anonymity. Fiddling with his heavily bandaged fingers and a voice like the mighty Mike Tyson, he spoke about how Pakistani players are privileged to have fans that never believe Pakistan can lose in a game fair and square. "After a career spanning 2 decades it really hurts when no one accuses you of match fixing when you lose so badly. What it means is that the fans truly believe we were actually mediocre. Its the truth, but I tell you it hurts"

At this time the entire Indian team is hurting. No one can understand why there are no match fixing allegations. In fact some are secretly hoping that their colleagues did accept bribes to play poorly. Many of them are in denial that they were actually as bad as the scorecards suggest.

"Well of course one can say that we lost on merit but it would be nice to know that there was some adulteration of merit with black money" said another prominent cricketer from his hotel room.

On the request of an unnamed BCCI cheerleader, the BCCI has pleaded with the ICC's Anti corruption Unit to start an inquiry as to whether any foul play was involved. The belief is that any talk of an official match fixing investigation will fuel talk of match fixing and that would do; according to the cheerleader "...a world of good" to the Indian team's morale. "Whenever the inquiry starts, the first hour will be crucial" he added once again on the condition of absolute anonymity.

- By Golandaaz; Visit his blog @ Opinions On Cricket, his facebook page and his tweets as @oponcr

1 comment:

Marumitch said...

Thanks for reminding me, I shall now accuse every Indian cricketer for match- fixing. Starting with Zaheer, he accepted millions to fake a ham-string injury. Hmmmmm... did Sachin really have a virus?