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MAK Pataudi and me

by K

R.I.P. Mansur Ali Khan "Tiger" Pataudi. India's yougest cricket
captain, architect of the Indian team's first overseas Test series
win. Remember having interviewed him at his residence in Delhi back in
2007. A true Nawab.. in style, conduct and personality..

I first met him when I was an Assistant Producer at Zee Sports in
2006. I guided him into our studio on a few occasions when he came to
participate on our talk shows. Didn't have too much interaction with
him at that stage. He used to often narrate anecdotes from his playing

I had a much longer interaction with him about a year later in June
2007 when I went to interview him at his residence in Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi as a reporter for Times Now. Ironically, the subject matter
of the interview was the Indian team's upcoming tour of England.

As I had the camera set up in his drawing room, Mr. Pataudi walked in
sporting a spotless Kurta Pyjama.

Of all the questions I asked him, I remember one in particular. I
asked him who was a better wicket-keeper M S Dhoni or Dinesh Karthik.

He replied saying, Dhoni is technically superior as a wicket-keeper
but Karthik isn't far behind. In fact, he added that both were equally
competent batsmen.

The other question I can recollect was about the impact the
newly-appointed manager of the Indian team, Chandu Borde (a former
team-mate of Pataudi), would have on the tour.

His answer was, Chandu's a hard taskmaster and would get the best out
of the team.

His answers were usually short but crisp and to the point.

All in all, a memorable meeting... the kind of stuff that stays with
you for life...

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