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Tiger, Tiger burning bright. My hero passed away tonight.

by Bored Guest

Could there have been a more romantic figure in cricket? Royal Blood, Piratically one eyed, with a a flashing rapier of a bat. Fearless, brilliant, and in the still colonical hungover era could make White men realize that not all natives simply rolled over and begged for mercy.

I remember snatches; a personal memory of him patting my head, when i was a little boy: his magnifcent tactical acumen in countering the fearsome West indies side in 1974.The clairvoyant use he made of Prasanna, Bedi and Chandrashekhar. Oh, if only he had a Kapil dev too. He laid the foundation of the self belief which led to India's first overseas triumphs; never mind that the Last Pataudi trophy to be given away by Tiger while alive was in a Whitewash: nobody doubts that India will rise again.

I remember his epic battles at Headingley, Brisbane, the pirate admiral on a burning deck, repelling musket shot and cannon with his scimitar of a bat. Of his peternatural and feline fielding at covers.

Above all, his class, his persona, his wonderful understated humour and grace.

To his wonderful Begum, Saif and daughters, my deepest condolences.

This tiger is prowling his elysian fields, staring down all with one tigerish eye, down that imperious and regal nose.

Goodbye Tiger. Goodbye, legend.

by Rajiv
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crownish said...

Beautiful post Rajiv. RIP Tiger.

Ayush said...

Superbly written! that was a six

Gaurav Sethi said...

Welcome on Bored, Rajiv