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England's coach excuses himself.

by Gaurav Sethi

England coach, Andy Flower is an articulate man. Trouble with him though, like his pet shot, the reverse sweep, his talk can be far from straight.

After England went down 4-0, Flower let it rip again.

Regarding Ian Bell

After Ian Bell was requested to bat again by MS Dhoni in the second test at Trent Bridge, Bell came under strong criticism from various quarters, in particular from the opinionated Indian media and public.

It is in the light of this extreme reaction, and the possibility of more verbal volleys, had Ian Bell taken the field in India, that our hand was forced not to play one of our best batsmen.

I can safely assume, had Ian Bell played in the one day series, the result would have been quite different from what it is now.

Regarding the food

While the boys have learnt to accept that the food in India will be unlike what they are accustomed to back home, they did not expect the chicken tikka masala to be such a poor imitation…

Regarding the crowd

Back home in England, our players were buoyed by the extremely vocal support for the Indians. Though I will say, the people of Indian origin here greatly outweighed what we are accustomed to back home – I cannot say that this was not a factor in the outcome of the series.

Now you don't have to take Flower seriously, just excuse him, for he knows too much.

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