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The minutes of the 2nd Day - Thank You Sachin! (And Pattinson)

by Gaurav Sethi

Half a bottle of red later, signing out at 2, a 5 am start was remote. I connected with my mobile at 8 down, knocked the last two with twitter and TV. Sometime then, Dad and tea appeared. Followed by James Pattinson, who after Mohammad Aamer, is a reason to chase the game.

Today was a day you drink to. Today was Absinth.
For Pattinson - This kid can bowl. Can this kid bowl. Bowl this kid can.

He should have ended up with many more, and possibly will tomorrow and the second innings unless India finds new counters and shake his elbow up. Players like Pattinson are the reason kids will take to fast bowling, to cricket, to tests. Privileged to watch him bowl, I just heard myself say.

Sehwag Drop (via Hussey) - With Hussey's luck, even if he had taken it, the umpire wouldn't have given it.

Warner and Haddin dropped Sehwag too, but neither of the drops will be match-defining. Viru was slow by Jatman’s standards, which explains why the three drops were strewn all over his innings. 
Gambhir is fast playing himself into if-the-team-loses, they’ll look at me, and then you know what happens - Gambhir's new technique isn't quite compact, more like Tata nano

Between all that - A quiche is what you eat, a cliché is what Wasim + Shastri eat yr head with.

There was a time when the Aussie subs equaled the umpires and this was inevitable - Subway installs kiosk in the Aussie dugout

Almost embarrassing for him, but Sehwag reached one of those milestones that Sachin throws at people when they throw stones at him - Earlier batsmen dealt in singles, 2s, 3s, 4s, 6s, now it's freaking 1000s #Jatman8k

You will see it in the news, but we saw it in the stars - Coming soon - Sehwag says #ThankYouSachin! for his 8000 test runs.

OMG - Dravid started with a 4, taking the Rajasthan Royals' captaincy to heart

And the odd couple put together yet another cricketing sitcom - Scene from a courtroom -Dravid the defence, Sehwag the Prosecutor

OMG again -Good decision and Erasmus spoken simultaneously. #Ripley's

Hussey turned his arm over - Mike Hussey being brought on, possibly to demean whatever cricketing skills he has left

After 3 drops, what you will hear from Michael Clarke - Clarke post match - "rub of the green..."

Siddle knocked Dravid, but it was a no ball - Next thing you know, Siddle will knock Dravid over with a wide

Dravid was beat - When two is the call, Dravid runs one, when one is the call, Dravid runs none

Sachin arrived, with biscuit beneath helmet, Goddammit! it was nearly tea-time – he was shaky, as would anyone who has everything-to-lose (Shastri-blurb), but finally tea prevailed, and after that he bit the biscuit and the bullet.

Sachin played. Conjured the Three Non-Blondes – “OMG, WHAT’S GOING ON?!” Upper cut 6, cover drives, straight drives, sex drives, and I was 19 all over again.

That you have to give Sachin, even if you are older than him, by a year and some, he will grab you, mark the moment, and hurl you back into that gawky haircut time and way.

We all have our baggage, and much of it is to do with Sachin. Days like this, he makes it float-like-a-feather. And I can feel the whiskey and that cover drive jigging inside my head. Or was it the straight drive? Could be either, but it wasn’t the 100th 100. That didn’t even pass my mind. How we’ve grown, for a day.

Thank You Sachin! For today, and the days before…

Italics @BoredCricket on twitter 

1 comment:

Big Ramifications said...

I saw on da Australian TV news last night - Indian journalist, I didn't catch his name, sorry - said the Indians don't want DRS because "the Australians and English are trying to force them" to agree to use it.

Fark me.

I'd always suspected it... but to have it confirmed by one of your own countrymen... The Indian cricket powerbrokers are just a bunch of butt-hurt biatches.