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The minutes of the first day: Zaheer Khan is bowling within Vinay Kumar.

by Gaurav Sethi

After two Jamesons, I turned in early at half past midnight. I refused to set an alarm. If it’s important enough, I will be the alarm. I have no stories to file, no deadlines to meet, I’m breaking into S&G there, feeling groovy.

That’s the way it was. I first woke at 3.32 am. By then I had dreamt deeply – vivid, weird cricket story. 

The Boxing Day test was being played in the Junior school lawns of St Columba’s. The pitch though, was more like a side practice pitch. India was batting, Gambhir played on, Sachin retired hurt 60, Sehwag was out, not out, it was confusing.

And then I woke up again, around 4.40 am by my watch which is ten minutes ahead. I wake to assemble myself, the laptop, tracks, woolens, a quick net search on the phone – Australia will bat, there will be cricket.

I retreat to an isolated TV that will not wake sleepers. The first hour is yet another warmup for India’s seamers, they are bowling so-as-not-to breakdown.

@BoredCricket tweets (from the night before 1st day)
Indian cricketer (overheard) saying - "The real test will be when we have to prove our match fitness in the morning"

Match day -
Zaks, Ishant prepare for a net to prove fitness

Zaheer Khan is bowling within Vinay Kumar

First we wake up early. Then this bowling. Time for a wake

 Someone tell the Indian bowlers that this bloke Ed Cowan is not right handed.

Vinay Kumar warming up in the nets for the 2nd test. Little does he know Mithun will play before him.

Haha cricket, Ponting. #EarlyBoredCall - Ponting makes runs today.

Oh look, this lean patch of Ponting's has made him lose hair - of-the-arms

Ponting has a new shot to fall back on - the one where you fall after the shot

Ed Cowan, Rahul Dravid conspire to take boxing day test into the 4th day

 Ishant Sharma is what you call a Thoughtless Man's Bowler

Australia go past 100. That sub 100 score will have to be the 2nd innings then

Ponting is on top of India's game.

Buy-a-wicket-time, Umesh Yadav

Things that make you go UMMMMESH Yadav

OK now till our next tour down under, this Yadav over to Ponting will be spoken of as that Ishant over was.

Zaks finds his voice. And a wicket

Point to be noted:  It takes Zaks 64 overs to warm up.

Aus 214/6. Bigger question, how did they let them get past 100

Dogged style departs. Well played Cowan.

Good thing about Romesh Powar is, he doesn't rest on his Laurels. He rests on his Hardy's

On to some wine now, we’ll be @BoredCricket on twitter tomorrow, join us for #EarlyBoredCalls – got a few bang on today, including Ashwin dismissing Cowan and Ponting scoring runs. 

Today was Australia’s day, even though they don’t know it. India, be happy they had Hussey for free. Moral: Bowl good balls, APPEAL in all caps, and Erasmus will deliver. 

Where is this test going - nobody has a clue but Australia will bowl better first up than India did.

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