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Retirement Plans for Indian cricketers (White Bored Episode 8)

by Gaurav Sethi


Anshuman Nevile said...

hey dr. deano ...that was great!

CricketingMinds said...

Great plan there!

May be you could focus little more on Laxman and use some stats Ihave gathered here

since u too are a cricket fanatic like me, U'd enjoy this analysis of Laxman purely based on NUMBERS and numbers don't lie!

Send us a feedback if you like it or even if you don't - let us know so that we improve! thanks

Sujan Rao said...

"Kambli and Aila together in a reality show"

You're getting crazy as the days pass by NC. I want more of these videos :)

Anonymous said...

dude...these videos suck...pls give up...and start writing.