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Feminazis Protest RAshwin's Attempted Dismissal of Thiriwhatshisname on Mistaken Etymological Grounds

by achettup

Feminazis the world over have taken strong exception to RAshwin's attempted dismissal of (insert long random annoying Sri Lankan name here) in the recent ODI between India and Sri Lanka in Brisbane. Feminazi Mr Warne (names have been changed to protect privacy) swore furiously when first informed of the attempted dismissal, but confirmed that the issue he and most other feminazis had was with the "etymological connotations and disrespect to women" of the popular term coined to describe such dismissals.

"Its not that we hate stupid, fat, unsporting Sri Lankans" began Mr Warne rather bizarrely. "We welcome their privilege to play the game the way they want to and then say at the press conference later that they don't play that way. Nothing wrong with that. Having said that, we don't have any issue with the manner in which RAshwin tried dismissing (insert long random annoying Sri Lankan name here)!" beamed a jubilant Mr Warne, knowing he had used the prized tactic of confounding everyone whilst drawing up sufficient attention to perfection.

There is always one idiot who feeds this frenzied attention whoring much-ado-about-nothing-but-hey-heres-a-mic-somebody-gotta-talk-let-me-at-least-I-can-do-it-for-a-cause (hey! that could be a Sri Lankan name if you remove the hyphens!), and some stupid Mr Manjrekar (name changed to protest privacy of the criminally stupid) then followed up with, "I don't get, what then is your issue, Mr Warne?" much to the undisguised delight of feminazi, Mr Warne.

"Well, here's my concern. If it was a woman's cricket match, we know they're not as soft as some people (snigger), but how would that dismissal have been reported? MAN-KADDED??? I mean, what a joke. Cricket has always been a game for the old men's club and the disgraceful terms they're using are another attempt to force subservience to women, making them utter "man" or "men" rather than something neutral like "thing" or "thang"... And before you ask, I'm not saying you should change it to womankadded, why can't we just use kadded? or thing-kadded?" [I know... thing cudded also inspires visions of bovine supremacy]

An astute observer Mr Bhogle (name changed just for kicks) wondered out loud "Now then. I _just_ wonder, how would Vinoo feel about all this! Surely he's not a thing, or a woman or a ma... well he is a man, but that can't be his fault now, can it?"

Note: This post is not offensive, because I endorse it. It is also not offensive because it mocks the litany of other blogs on this issue that revolve around equally stupid premises. You can take your stupid reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with the spirit or the law and shove it up your candy @$$3$! I have spoken. Because I have the right, like everybody else. And you have read that. Also, tomorrow I'll give my opinion on the impact of rising oil prices and Goldman Sach's role in this affair. THANQ

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