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Ricky Ponting's reaction on being dropped:

by Gaurav Sethi

Oh right, and there's this song Ponting sang too: This is not my swan song

@BoredCricket tweets on Ponting -

"When Ricky Ponting couldn't even score against the Indian bowling esp Vinay Kumar, we knew it was time for him to go" - Aussie selector.

Ricky Ponting: I'm being singled out.  Aussie Selector: with scores like 2,1,6, 2, 7...

Ricky Ponting signs IPL contract, Pune Warriors.

Captains' Chat - MSD: So, wasup Ricky? Ponting: I've been dropped, mate MSD: Oh, I've been banned, yaar

In the light of Ricky Ponting's axing from the Australian one day squad, India offers to give him a champion's farewell.

Mrs Ricky Ponting confesses: "All I said was let's take it one day at a time, and he went red with rage..."

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