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Watch Richard Levi's fastest T20 100 (beyond IPL boundaries)

by Gaurav Sethi

Before MSD's one match suspension, South Africa's Richard Levi suspended disbelief - 100 of nothing (45 balls), 117* of 51, 13 sixes (the most in a T20 innings, wait, isn't that slower than the fastest ODI 100??*) and an IPL contract. Richard Levi will be signed on by the Chennai Super Kings or the Mumbai Indians (or England) or whoever bids more in the tie breaker after both their bids collide at $2 million. Lalit Modi will tweet about how it was fixed and they had already spent their allotted sum on other players in the previous auction, but don't believe everything he tweets or you see on TV.

 @baijunair02 tweeted " Sahara says they want Richard Levi in place of Yuvraj for Pune Warriors or they will pullout again... "

*Yeah it is. The fastest ODI 100 is by a T20 player, Afridi, of 37 deliveries. The 2nd fastest is by a D/L-phobic player, Boucher, of 44 balls. Ha! the 3rd fastest is by one obscure, BC Lara of 45 balls. So take that T20, ODI's just did you in. The 4th fastest is once again by Afridi, again of 45 balls.

Thanks to Alternative Cricket for the video

Some @BoredCricket tweets from the India vs Aus ODI, 19th Feb, 2011

3rd umpire ki aankh nahin, button hai
Much like some cockroaches, Michael Hussey will survive a nuclear holocaust.
That takes care of MSD's post-match conference - "You can't drop so many catches and afford to win matches..."

India for Hussey Ad slogan: Make it Largesse
Why not just keep the drinks' boy on the field. He's doing way to much running going on and off the field every 2 mts.
 Hussey Dismissed: Surely an appeal to the UN, American Peace Keeping Forces, and Sanctions on India must be underway

Vinay Kumar can be so soft spoken with his bowling.
After this over, the groundmen will be called to collect pieces of Vinay Kumar, scattered across the ground

At innings' close - Bonus point for Australia .
A very tough one: what do you call a poor man's Vinay Kumar?
 Going by rotation (and injuries) for the next ODI, Sehwag, Sachin and Gambhir will all be rested.
Australia vs REST of India.

Replay: For Parthiv Patel to play a game, triple rotation will have to kick in: Rest an opener, rest wicketkeeper, rest captain
India has regained Test-status-form.

Politically correct tweets on Sachin's predicament doing the rounds
OK, enough, kindly pad up for the next game, and the one after that.

Elsewhere some guy called Richard Levi has scored the fastestT20100 off 45 balls. India has 29/3 of 54.
There are hit the deck bowlers but these Aussies are more like hit-the-Indians bowlers.

The selectors didn't do VVS Laxman any favors, they just saved Rohit Sharma's career by not playing him in the Tests down under.
Taking their cue from Mumbai Indians and Pune Warriors, BCCI requests for 5 foreigners to be allowed in the Indian playing eleven.

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