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Everyone’s at loose ends before the first final.

by Gaurav Sethi

The Indians have just come around from a must-lose, must win game. One they didn’t even play in. Cheering Australia doesn’t come naturally. More so when most know where the Chappells come from, but still don’t know where they’re going. Do they still sleep talk about Sachin’s future? It’s bad enough some of us are talking about his you-know-what, what gives these senile old Aussies the right?

So the Indians are out of it. Most will head out for Sunday brunches with Champagne included (the new stereotype form snake charmers). The few Indians who will watch will be torn between their contempt for the two teams.

If Sri Lanka wins the first final, we can only hope they lose the next one; ditto for Australia. It’s important the two play each other four times in six days and collectively breakdown to the acceptable fitness of Indian cricketers.

As for Lanka, such has been their domination of Australia, both on and off the field (this series has proven there are more Lankans than any other race in Australia) that this is definitely a home series. If this was Australia, then by now Murali would have been called for chucking.

But unlike the previous game, this is no must-win. It’s a more a must not get injured game –– and going by the snide Jayawardene comments, knocking India out is what makes his team tick. Where do you go from there? To Brisbane, for the first finals.

As for the Aussies, they have now lost thrice to the Lankans, sometimes without Ponting. And sometimes without both Ponting and Pup. Not playing with your first two choice captains can be disorienting – something like Indian playing without Dhoni and Dhoni.

For the first final, Clarke returns, Forrest exits. Australia should win. And when a team knows it should win, they lose some interest too. You’re up against an injured side that’s been serenading the Southern Hemisphere for months. Which is also another reason why the Kiwis lose so often.

Earlier today, both their men’s and women’s teams lost, here’s to cricket equality.

Early Bored Call: Australia win. 

Happy Bored Day: Daryll Cullinan  cc Shane Warne


Bhaskar Khaund said...
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Bhaskar Khaund said...

What was Mahela's comment about india's knock out ? Missed it...