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Bored side of the Mumbai Indians-Chennai Super Kings game (in tweets)

by Gaurav Sethi

It's a T20 game, tweets should sum it up (No cricketers were hurt during these tweets)

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Murali Vijay's job is to bat through IPL 5.

At this rate, by the end of today's game, Ojha's gonna be wearing a funny coloured cap. 

Won't be surprised if mid innings Srini arranges for some MI player transfusions into CSK.

CSK introduces money-back scheme from Ravi Jadeja.

By the end of this innings, Jadeja may have to start paying CSK to play for them

Post match Levi - Sachin said to me...

Captaincy took 25 kgs off me - Sachin (after the 6 thru the covers)

Think of the filthiest swear words you know. Richard Levi is using them on the CSK bowling

Brace yourself for the most stinking puns on Levi tomorrow morning

If Bollinger isn't expecting, then why does he look like he's eating for two?

Reactive captaincy would be: MSD making Ashwin captain now

This Nohit Sharma innings was a little longer than his stint in England - get hurt, get out

At this rate, very soon they're gonna ask Anjali Tendulkar - what were you and Sachin talking about in the middle

Bollinger reprimanded by Rajiv Shukla for injuring Sachin. Put on notice.

CSK players carry their Indian form into IPL game

The team that has the least players in the Indian squad should win IPL

We bleed for Sachin's finger

DAMN! Another game where Manoj Tiwary didn't get to play

Congrats Nita Bhabi soooooooo happy for you

Sachin unable to shake hands (becoz of injured finger), so CSK players dip their hands in his icepack and go touchy

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And if you haven't had enough, here are some more from that dreadful Opening Ceremony: 

Gambhir - they could have finished the opening ceremony earlier

The cynics will always say - "Oh, you gotta see how the Chinese do the IPL Opening Ceremony!"

Sehwag - the opening ceremony is unfit

They really should have a 2 minutes silence for the Kochi Tuskers 

Y'kno they feed the speech into Shukla through a usb port

Good only, Sachin is watching the opening ceremony with Mukesh bhai and Nita Bhabhi on a 5000 inch flat screen

Smart ploy - after this disastrous opening ceremony, the ipl games will seem like India winning the world cup  

Gng by the guys in charge, Srini, Shukla - they should have had the ipl opening ceremony in a bombay dance bar

Expected viewership of IPL Closing ceremony drops to negative after Opening fiasco

Pharma-IPL nexus suspected after opening ceremony viewers complain of never-before symptoms  

Doctor: What have you got? Patient: Opening ceremony  

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