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Sidhu's coctktail

by Gaurav Sethi

Navjot Singh Sidhu belongs to only one party: The NSS (Navjot Singh Sidhu Party). Whether he was loyal to the BJP, or will be to AAP, is beside the point. Sidhu is loyal to Sidhu.  Each morning he worships at the altar of the self, The Sidhu.

Sidhu feeds on the media just as the media feeds off him, both are in an amorous yet desperately selfish relationship with each other, possibly the only way to be. A quick scan of ‘s homepage will acquaint you with the many faces of Sidhu – Entertainer, Commentator, Cricketer, Politician, Motivator (in that order). Amul butter’s iconic cartoon ads featuring Sidhu are thrown in too.

In Sidhu’s mind there is no doubt how he’s perceived by people today – he’s an entertainer. His other faces or roles are either secondary or part of his past. So when you see Sidhu during the IPL pre-match shows or intervals, you see him as an entertainer who talks cricket. So even as he makes cricket calls or sums up the game, his differentiator from the other ex-cricketer hosts (Gavaskar, Waqar, Kartik) is always full-on entertainment.

Sidhu doesn’t stop. He invents madness on the spot. And he feeds on his own madness. He is the reality show, flinging couplets, shayari, stats, barbs, forecasts, all tossed into one big Sidhu bharta. Depending who you are, you will either love him or loathe him, but there’s little chance he doesn’t evoke a reaction from you.  
Sidhu was always meant to be a politician, one that would communicate through entertainment. The sets of Sony are way too small for him. When he sits, flinging his hands in the air, shooting a Sidhuism and holding the pose, he is doing what he loves doing – entertaining, in most cases, himself. And which is why, he goes on and on. Sidhu is in love with Sidhu and his brand of unrestrained hype.

One day, Sidhu let himself go that extra yard on the field when he flung himself at the ball. Being just a maverick opening batsman wasn’t enough. Sidhu was about reinvention. He wanted to be Jonty Singh. And he became Jonty Singh, in the twilight of his career, he warmed up to fielding like never before.

Sidhu will be the first to tell you, many times over, that the key to his success is being unique or least projecting his uniqueness. Whether it was going down the wicket to Shane Warne or walking out of an England tour after a spat with Azhar, Sidhu has always been hardwired to his own impetuosity.  It works for Sidhu because Sidhu knows what makes Sidhu tick.

That Sidhu hung on in the backbenches of the BJP for so long is against Sidhu’s nature. Walking out of the BJP is no different from walking down the wicket to Warne. Back then, Tendulkar followed, and ripped into Warne, who will follow him today? Who will make Sidhu’s latest move memorable?

It’ll start in Amritsar but Sidhu will entertain from Ludhiana to London, he could be the start of AAP’s NRI attack, wooing his Punjabi bros and bhabhis, right across to Kunaeda. Look out, NaMo, you have company, overseas. 

Sidhu was born to enthral crowds. Hooking up with AAP, could give him access to a stage that BJP denied him – his own stage, shared only with the many avatars of Sidhu.

Less than three months Sidhu tweeted when he became a Rajya Sabha MP

Previous tweet

From October last year, three tweets back

Whether it’s on social media or on TV, Sidhu has been calculated, both in his praise as in his punches. Don’t be fooled by the entertainer, there’s a very canny guy under that matching turban. How far he goes with AAP could well be down to how much leg room Kejriwal allows him. And don’t we all know how Sidhu loves to use his feet. “Down the wicket, that’s six, easy as you like”. Brace yourself for a Sidhu storm.


Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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