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If Sourav Ganguly becomes BCCI's Dada

by Gaurav Sethi

Sourav Ganguly as BCCI president: but if, going by all the baggage this post has accumulated, the appointment of the prez doesn't quite sit right with the Supreme Court, be prepared for them to create a new post for Ganguly: it could simply be called 'Dada'. Or even 'Maharaj'. The nameplate on the door would read: Sourav Chandidas Ganguly, Dada.
Or if the Supreme Court is feeling outright quirky about SCG, the new position could be 'God on the off-side'. These posts will cease to exist once Ganguly's term is over. Naturally, Rahul Dravid will be Ganguly's deputy, his position will be 'Jammie'.
Be prepared for SC to create a new post for Ganguly: it could simply be called 'Dada'. Reuters
Be prepared for SC to create a new post for Ganguly: it could simply be called 'Dada'. Reuters
Deep down, the judges are cricket fanboys too, the next such position could be held by Sunil Gavaskar (unless he's 70 by then), with the position simply called 'Sunny'. And when Dilip Vengsarkar's time comes, he will be referred to as the 'BCCI Colonel'. So prepare for an era of 'Dada', 'Jammie', 'Sunny' and 'Colonel' again. What better way to bring back the good old days than to bring back the good old guys?
With Ganguly at the helm, the BCCI HQs could be shifted to the Eden Gardens, with his office naturally on the off-side. Also, an India team jersey will be hung alongside his table, so that he can refrain from ripping his shirt off when overcome with absolutely delightful emotions.
To defy the age-old way of old-timers running the ship, don't expect the Supreme Court to be satisfied with the ouster of 70-year-olds alone. To harness young talent, expect representation from the U-19 and U-15 players on the board.
And even though the older Tendulkar has his reservations about placing the younger Tendulkar in the limelight, the Supreme Court will work on Arjun Tendulkar's inclusion in some capacity or the other, with a possibility of the project being called 'Include-kar' or even 'Main Khelega!' – toasting a bloody nosed 16-year-old Tendulkar when he took on the Pakistani quicks, Waqar and Wasim.
Expect cricketers who received a raw deal from the erstwhile BCCI to return in style - Bishen Singh Bedi and Mohinder Amarnath top this list, both were outspoken critics of the BCCI, both were hastily sidelined. You can expect both of them to return to their straight-talking ways on a far more impactful stage. Most of their work could be criticising earlier regimes, which could be a full-time job.
As for Kapil Dev, his years in exile with that ICL jaunt could be examined rather than criticised - why did he join the rebel league? Expect some honest questions, and some crocodile tears too. Bring on Karan Thapar for the sequel.
A magazine by Pradeep Magazine: Senior journalist, Magazine has been one of the BCCI's biggest critics. Incidentally, he also wrote the first book on match-fixing. Working with Bedi and Amarnath, the trio could start an anti-fixing magazine, part of the education for young and jaded cricketers alike. Workshops can be conducted instead of the infamous after-parties – Lalit Modi, Vijay Mallya and Raj Kundra should be invited to join via Skype, along with Ravi Shastri.
Players with first-hand experience should be invited to participate, special sessions with Azharuddin a must.
Harsha Bhogle's return should be used to figure out why he went away in the first place. Nothing should be above board. Also the VIP enclosure at the Vidarbha Cricket Association Stadium, Nagpur, that also serves as the shortest distance between the Hindi and English commentary boxes, should be investigated. And whether Bhogle's use of the same was the reason for his exit. If need be, the two commentary boxes should be adjacent to each other while the VIP enclosure should be where the Hindi commentary box is now.
Findings should be made public. Of not just this debacle, but of earlier misdemeanours of the BCCI. Credits and discredits to be given where due.
This is a rare chance for us to learn from the failings of the BCCI. And if it means that more heads will roll, so be it.
Looking back, it's not possible that in all these nine IPL seasons there was only one 'cricket enthusiast'. Surely there were more 'kings of good times'.
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