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100 Breast Women

by Gaurav Sethi

That’s how DD Sports text announced the event.

Followed by:

200 Free Men

Followed by:

100 Breast Men

Me mind’s swimming.

This is just not cricket.


sraghuna said...

Well as long as your mind is swimming & none of your extremeties are stroking, the situation is under control! Sweet Mammaries (sung to the Neil Diamond tune)!

XYZ said...

at least some are watching DD Sports what I concluded from my mind on this post.

and what is "Me mind’s swimming." I have no knowledge on that

XYZ said...

Hi Sraghuna, your profile seems to set to hidden. I was just checking about you but found nothing. :)

Gaurav Sethi said...

neno - loose translation: i was puzzled. btw it was a swimming event.

straight point said...

some things never change...

sraghuna said...

Hey neno ... anonymity is the name of the game for snipers like me! Having said that I have shed my indolence & have finally got down to sharing my profile. Enjoy ... or not!!!

XYZ said...

SP I would like to say "Some people do not want to change".

Thanks SRaghuna. Al though I keep privacy rights with the owner itself.