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Five days of creation

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

On the first day
God said let there toss
And there was toss

But Ganguly didn’t turn up in time

On the second day
God said let there be wickets
And there was wickets

And McGrath turned up to bowl

On the third day
God said let there be runs
And there was runs

And VVS turned up to bat

On the fourth day
God said let there be more runs
And there was more runs

And God separated the runs from the wickets
And the wickets from the runs

On the fifth day
God said let there be result
And there was result

And Bhajji turned up to bowl.

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Viswanathan said...

On the third day (resurrection) VVS became God.

XYZ said...

You have some special while writing :)

But their is no way to remember the old matches where luck favored India. It need that they play everyday like what they played in Kolkata

Gaurav Sethi said...

And Dravid his favourite disciple.

straight point said...

...and dravid became the quintessential brides mate...


before the match...god said...

let there be magic...

and they all turned to field...

sraghuna said...

On the sixth day God created vast legions of Naked Animals, Man & Woman
And they landed up at the maidan.

On the seventh day
God finished the work that he had been doing
And God rested

And Naked wrote his latest blog

Anonymous said...


On the eight day,
God sent the haseenas
And the India rejects turned up.

Anil Singh said...

Gaurav you are just brilliant !

I've no words to praise this composition.

While writing; I'm still saying to myself: Isn't the piece great !

Anonymous said...

Ah! the theory of evolution has no chance against their commandments... no matter what can we ever forget this match? I seriously want to though LOL

Bhaskar Khaund said...

wow ! this needs to be put up at Eden..brilliant !