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When a hunch comes back.

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

Even before I could see Delhi’s 27/1 this morning, my thoughts zig-zagged to Gautam Gambhir (GG):

How he is not a long-term solution as a Test opener. Without getting into the annals of his technique or stats, let’s just leave it at a hunch.

After being the runniest Indian batsman (after Sehwag) in the Sri Lankan test series, this sounds almost idiotic. Correction: It is downright idiotic.

While I’ve been amazed at GG’s comeback, my doubts with him opening in tests still linger.

By the way, this was way before I read Akash Chopra’s incredible interview.

It was documented at the incredible team selection here.

Incredible !ndia. Yes. Once they get Chopra in the mix. And shake it up a bit. With GG in the middle. Instead of Malcolm.

PS: When a hunch comes back it’s called a hunchback.


Anonymous said...

I see that your hunch is riding piggy back on Akash.:)

Anonymous said...

Incidentally I'm at Vadodara for the tie. I have not seen more batsmen throwing away their wickets in a single match. Sehwag should be made to field at silly point without box and helmet for the shot he played. But hats off to Dravid, what a catch!

straight point said...

this is the kinda feeling he generates som...he is and will be like this...

Gaurav Sethi said...

another 3D special.

sraghuna said...

The runniest Indian batsman ... runnier than the street urchin's nose, the fried eggs I had for breakfast or an Englishmans arse in Delhi!
GG (good going), NC!

Anonymous said...

persist with Gambhir he would pay back with highest interest that no lehmann or meryl lynch wud pay

Gaurav Sethi said...

ott - it's fashionable to be back akash.


buzzz - he already has, but in ODIs and T20s. I'll be pleasantly surprised if he sustains his test form -beyond 50s and 60s. But yeah, he's earned his spot.

SOM - too bad you were there.
SP - lucky us.