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BCCI is paying the selectors… Huzaa!! ICL is happy

by Bored Member

by Raja Baradwaj

It seems BCCI has decided that paying the selectors means that a good team (without any bias… what an oxymoron!!) would be selected. And the ICL is happy about this development. No, not because BCCI is paying the selectors. It is because Mr. Krish Srikanth is going to be the chief of selectors.

To understand their happiness we need to rewind a bit and go to the first match (league stage) Chennai Superkings played Rajasthan Royals in IPL. Krish Srikanth was then a star commentator cum a mascot for the Chennai team. Sohail Tanveer, the Pakistani pacer was in the middle of a brilliant spell and so was Srikanth, in the middle of a free flowing commentary session.

Srikanth was so enchanted by Tanveer that he said "Tanveer Jabbar, what a brilliant bowler he is…" Little did Srikanth or for that matter anybody in the commentary team notice this. Perhaps they didn't know who Tanveer Jabbar is. He was a batsman who represented Tamil Nadu in Ranji Trophy in the 90's and the son of Abdul Jabbar who might have played alongside Srikanth, for Tamil Nadu during the 80's. Most of us would have missed this faux pas, but I am sure everyone would agree that our man is bad when it comes to remembering (right) names or putting forth his point of view. And that too when occasion demands.

And yes… I know you guys would have guessed it right as to why ICL is happy with this development. For those who didn't get it… Imagine Srikanth reading a team out like this…

"and T P Singh, Kiran Powar and whaadoucal*… Rajagopalan Satish complete the 15 member squad. The last three are in due to their splendid performance in domestic cricket". I am sure Pawar and Modi have other ideas, they might probably have found a voice over artist to speak (announce the names) out while Srikanth mimes in the background after the selection meetings.

What a performance that would be…

On a completely different note, right from when I was a child I have always been fascinated by this adage "Throw peanuts, get monkeys!!" I realized that there is a converse to this adage which is equally striking and true, "Throw bundles of currency to monkeys, they would still wait for the peanuts". I am sure the people in BCCI know this and have factored this when they selected this bunch of wise men to select.

* That is Srikanth's way of recalling something on air... Used freely on men, animals, place & things, it stands for "What you call"!!

PS: From the same IPL match (Raj Vs Chen) here is another gem from the man… Thanks Bhaskar!!


Gaurav Sethi said...

propose a whaadoucal series. Hail whaadoccal him.

Swaminath said...

I remember that Tanveer Jabbar blooper! It took me an instant to remember who Tanveer Jabbar actually was.
I am sure we will keep getting such gems from him constantly over the next 4 years. whaddousay?

RajaB said...

I have my chances, with Srikanth being the chairman of selectors !!

I hope he calls-up whaadoucal, Anirudhha Baradwaj to the Indian cricket team...

He happens to be my 3 year old!!

Anonymous said...

abzolutely... abzolutely!! He is infectious though.

Bored Member said...

Leave alone call up, Sri won't be seen with his own son in public. In an IPL game, while Sri was in the box, the other commentator decided to speak to Jr Sri, who was out of the box.
Sri was whaadoucal it...blushing and all and whaadoucal it...speechless

Prabhu.S said...

Srikkanth was always a team player in his cricketing days. He brought out the best from his players in his one series as captain.

His job is not to be 'articulate' to the media. His job is to set objectives and pick teams to meet those objectives.

To that end, I think he will do his job well..

Also, I think he will jell well with his selection panel members...

The problem unfortunately is that we base everything based on what one says to the media or on TV channels...

If he gets the thought process right regarding Selection and is in synch with the overall objectives of the Panel, I think he would be fine.

What he says on TV channel should not matter