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We are bigger… We have a colonel

by Bored Member

by Raja Baradwaj

That is what the BCCI honcho’s would be saying with a grin. But deep down they wouldn’t be happy for what has happened. They would be seething with anger.

It has been reported in that one Mr. Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj has joined the Territorial Army of India and has become Lt Col. Kapil Dev. He was decorated with his rank by the General of the Indian army Gen. Deepak Kapoor himself in what has been reported as a glittering ceremony.

We can expect a press conference being called by BCCI very soon to address, what seems to be in their view a shocking development. One can expect them to explain a couple of things following this development and also announce a major decision.

  1. This development reiterates the fact that the ICL is inferior to IPL, the BCCI sanctioned T20. BCCI already has a Colonel as its chief of selectors in Mr. Dilip Vengsarkar. Lt Colonel. Kapil Dev is a rank junior. BCCI is always senior and it would remain to be
  2. If at all Lt Col. Kapil Dev meets Vengsarkar, he has to salute him as the later is a Colonel. Likewise, ICL would always be saluting IPL and aspire to get a rank ahead (it is another point that we, the BCCI would not let it happen!!)
  3. By decorating him and making him Lt Col. Kapil Dev, the Indian army has defied the BCCI and its diktats. Therefore BCCI would like to ban the Services Team which represents the Indian forces in the Ranji Trophy from playing any form of cricket

While that is what I expect to be the great BCCI’s stand, I would like to salute the great man… Lt Col. Kapil Dev.

Please join me saluting this great Indian warrior.

PS: Vengsarkar was never part of any army. Not even the Bharat Army (because he was a player and then an administrator & never a bored (cheap) fan like you and me!!). Colonel was an attribute and not a rank which was given to him by some journalist sometime.


sraghuna said...

By the same martial logic both these dude's outrank Major Chilly(Rajyavardhan Rathore) or the late Major Dhyan Chand, despite the fact that they've never brought the country equivalent glory!Taking the metaphor further would Abhinav Bindra, Vijender Kumar & Sushil Kumar be relegated to the footsoldier category in our lopsided sporting pecking order?!!!

RajaB said...

Rathore is now a Lt Colonel, he was a Major when he won that Silver in trap in the Athens games . Maj. Dhyan Chand was I think a honorary Major, meaning he was either a Non Commissioned or a Junior Commissioned officer who by his extraordinary deeds got promoted as an Officer when he retired.