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What’s not in a name.

by Gaurav Sethi

There are nine lives with the Irani name on that mother’s little helper page on cricinfo.

None of them have the surname Cup or Trophy. So I take it the Irani Trophy is not named after any of them.

Appears it's named after a certain, or rather uncertain Z Irani, treasurer of the BCCI from 1928 to Kingdom come and from 1948 to more Kingdoms come, a record 32 years. And if that wasn’t enough he was also the BCCI President for three years from 1966-67 to well, not exactly Kingdom come.

Be wonderful when they name a tournament after Pawar. Be aptly called the Pawar Cup. I can almost see the logo image, can you?


XYZ said...

fantastic thing to be discussed.

It should be power cup powered by Sharad Pawar.

sraghuna said...

Prolific output over the past couple of days old chap!!!
I always thought that the Irani cup was sponsored by the Irani Hoteliers Union in Mumbai, hence thought of the Dabbawaala Cup or Udipi cup as worthy successors!Thanks the lord for respite from the Dalmi'kuchkaala'cup!

Gaurav Sethi said...

SR - at the Dabbawallah Cup, Charles will have a Wales of a time.