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Air Cricket

by Gaurav Sethi

Robin Uthappa was born in a loft.

Not an over goes without him lofting the ball. He takes to it like a bird to air.

At times he strolls past many sets of stumps just to play his favourite in-the-air shots on the on-side. Is that the outside-in shot?

Guys like Uthappa aren’t taken seriously in Indian cricket. Even when they score big runs, win games, get haircuts.

It gets them the occasional ad break. But they are too cool for most type of cricket. Way cooler than Yuvraj Singh.

They take a bow, even before anyone can applaud. That’s how cool they are.

But that’s not all. Guys like Uthappa are basically opening batsmen.

Nowadays, after being a wicketkeeper, that’s the worst you can do in India.

But did you know, Uthappa was a wicketkeeper too. Touché!

See, there always is a reason for a man’s misfortune. Uthappa has excelled with two.

There was a time when his strike rate, scores, persona were way more compelling than Gautam Gambhir.

Yet Gambhir had been sidelined way too often before. He needed one more break.

Also, Gambhir has a far more amicable personality. He’s not like Kambli-the-second-coming.

He’s so soft spoken you almost reach out for a non-existent hearing aid.

Today, in a Challenger Trophy game, Uthappa played in the air again. R.P. Singh could’ve made it R.I.P. Robin, but he ran after the ball like retired dogs do in Jogger’s Park.

Uthappa went on to score some runs, as he did the other day.

Now, while he may not be your everyday likable kid, bad boys like him demand special attention.

Like a spaceship. So they can play where they love it most. In the air.


Anonymous said...

Can he be considered a replacement for MSD as wktkeeper to give captain an occasional break ?

Gaurav Sethi said...

buzzz - uthappa will have to break in as a batsman again. if he gets anywhere close to those keeping gloves he can kiss the internationals goodbye. he's a sharp shooter on the field, they gotta sort him out fast.

RajaB said...

NC... He is a sharp shooter outside the field too... Off the mouth. Sometimes he speaks more than he plays.

A couple of months ago or so I had even nominated (on my blog) Robin & Sreesanth to be the Mouth ke Saudagar's* of Indian criket...

* TM: Madam Sonia Gandhi's speech writers

Anonymous said...

He is one of the guys waiting for the famous five to retire...he is a definite in my indian team....if I had one :$

Gaurav Sethi said...

raja, gotta sort out guys like sree and uthappa. not fully, but just enough to play cricket. else you end up with punter's plain janes xi. and lose more than just the plot.

Gaurav Sethi said...

utp, like to see him in too. but does he? should just play him for that lofted straight hit. he's a one helluva tennis ball cricketer a la KP.

Anil Singh said...

The likability point is very valid -- As Gambhir, seems least unlikely to harm somebody's cricketing aspirations.