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Bored to the Bone 16 (Challenger Trophy)

by Gaurav Sethi

by Naked Cricket

The Challenger Series is on. Anshuman Gaekwad is off. Observe how he looks when on mute: stoic. Then un-mute and hear him say, “get the eye in, get the feet moving, get the…” Get the drift.

Yusuf Pathan enthralled with another first ball duck, (not heeding Anshu’s advice, not getting the feet moving) and holding out to long on.

Sometime later, at 259/9, last ball coming up, Siva snorted, “if they get above 260, will be difficult to get”. The Greens wangled 260. And much later, Siva said, “the Reds should win this”

If only they had scored above 260.

Anshu just said "margin of error is much less"


straight point said...


no wonder we have stopped seeing bore comedy shows...

Anonymous said...

gaaaw... the commentary is killing me... somebody please put me out of this misery! I have not heard Anshu yet... as of now VB is cracking me up.

Anonymous said...

Every word they utter comes like a sentence to a convict. I found the solution long ago and know when to mute my TV. My English is poor but theirs, Below Poverty Line.