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One Year, One day – The micro-miniskirt view

by Bored Member

by Raja Baradwaj

Post the miniskirt view appeared, there have been a flurry of comments. Wasim & Q tried dissecting the miniskirt for a better view, here I am with some more statistics to support what I posted yesterday.

To start with let us see what our experts said…

1. Your post shows only the % of matches Pakistan played against the minnows…

2. 2008 was an unusual year for Pakistan because not many countries came in to play cricket here…

3. If a team can lose to Bangladesh / Zimbabwe they sure would lose to Pakistan…

4. You say Pakistan top the % wins table but conclude they didn’t play good cricket…

5. If you take the minnows match off the Pakistan list, why don’t you do the same for the other countries also…

6. Pakistan beat India in a tournament final some while ago, does it count here?

So gentlemen the numbers again…

Before we get in there, I apologise for having left Sri Lanka out of the analysis yesterday. And for having termed the sheet a comprehensive list of full member nations. I am sure the Sri Lankan supporters (if any) would be more peeved now, for showing these figures than they were yesterday.

What do we see?

a) ODI record for a year, dating back from their latest ODI appearance (3rd ODI in Abu Dhabi has not been taken into consideration)

b) The results against the minnows, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Hong Kong, Scotland, Kenya, Ireland, Bermuda have not been considered as long as the stronger team won it. In some cases where the minnows won (New Zealand – Bangladesh) the results have been included

c) Another addition to the sheet is the % matches played at home

The numbers say…

1. Even after discounting the minnows record, we can see that Pakistan have played cricket, 9 matches to be precise. As opposed to 13 by South Africa. Not bad at all if you asked me

2. When the minnows go out, Pakistan have a 56% win record, again not bad if you saw this in isolation but if you look at it in conjunction with what we call the top teams have, then the story is different.

3. If you look at the % of matches lost, then Pakistan are near the top. Only West Indies and Sri Lanka beat Pakistan here.

4. If you look at the % of matches each team played at home, you can see that more teams have toured Pakistan for a ODI series than they came to India, Sri Lanka & New Zealand.

My take…

The table above has the list of matches all the other teams played in their last one year, with the exception of the matches against the minnows.

Pakistan beating India in the Asia cup finals have definitely been taken into consideration.

Many countries didn’t tour Pakistan, therefore they didn’t play enough cricket: This according to me would be the biggest farce the Pakistani cricket establishment has been propagating in the last year or so. Their good friends at ICC – India & Sri Lanka also have not got many teams coming in to play cricket in their soil. But the difference why they played more is because they toured more. I am not sure why Pakistan didn’t tour enough.

If a team can lose to Bangladesh / Zimbabwe I am sure Pakistan could beat them: One look at the % of non minnow matches lost makes me think otherwise. As Sidhu would say “If ifs and ands are like pots and pans, there would be no tinkers”

With this, I am sure the debate would get bigger & better, keep it coming folks. Interesting times ahead for statistics & Pakistani cricket (let’s hope).

PS: The data used came in from the great guys, cricinfo. Apologies for not having credited them yesterday, I should have.


Q said...

Pakistan didn't tour because no one wants the Pakistan team to tour - they are not a crowd pulling, money generating team that India is today.

Gone are the days when the world would gather to watch the Wasims, Waqars, Saeeds, Inzamams, etc..

We got a raw deal in the FTP - this was well publicised.

Moving back to the stats.. 56% wins ranks them 4th on the table, behind Australia, India, and South Africa.

Those 3 are the best teams in the world today. Ranking behind them surely does not mean that you are playing bad cricket.

We haven't played 1 of those teams for half a decade while against the other two in the last year, we stand at 2-3 against one and 4-5 against the other.

What would make you conclude that Pakistan is playing good cricket? If their wins ranked above Indias? Australias?

So Raja bhaiyya, you are giving the stats yourself yet deducing the wrong fact I feel...

Or I am failing to understand your point.

straight point said...

i would have liked the broad miniskirt view though...or i will wait till it get so much micro that it wont hide at all... :)

RB, your point on why pak team is not touring enough is very well made...

Q...for once i have to differ with you on your reasoning...why pak don't tour enough...

i think its the problem of pcb they just don't assert themselves enough...that's the feeling one gets from distance...

Q said...

SP, it is not the PCB's fault that they get a raw deal from the ICC / FTP.

Its all about the money, we all know that and Pakistan doesn't have the stars anymore that can rope in the heavy duty sponsors and television rights and so on...

straight point said...

it is not the PCB's fault that they get a raw deal from the ICC / FTP.

this is it Q...they take things lying down...and seems they goes to icc with the mind of 'looser'...

pcb could have played asian card better specially with kinda backing they enjoy from other BCCI... :)

Q said...

SP, the PCB is no BCCI or CA who can dictate to the ICC...

The ICC has always treated Pakistan shabbily.. Nasim Ashraf wasted his entire tenure in trying to plead the ICC do give Pakistan more matches... who says he didn't do anything? He tried his best.. in fact the PCB management were so preoccupied in pleasing the ICC for the last 2 years that they ignored issues such as building a team!

We are no BCCI whom the ICC will bend over to..

straight point said...

i think pcb seriously consider looking at reading 'where there is will there is way'... :)

what i mean that given the same circumstances better management could have still made the way out by hook or crook...that's why i said they did not used their cards well...

Q said...

Maybe you are right SP, but I still feel the ICC has traditionally been biased against the Asian teams and it continues to do so.

Only India have been able to stand up for themselves and thats because they can.

How many tours do Sri Lanka get? and even when they do they dont get more than 2 tests a tour..

There are numerous examples of where the Asian teams have been at the receiving end of ICC decisions including FTP.. only recently India has been able to call the shots, actually they have been able to since a long time, hey oly decided to recently.

Pakistan, sadly cannot wield that power.

Anonymous said...

So you are making one wrong assumption again that the loss % against quality teams would have been the same for Pakistan, which means that against Newzealand and England Pakistan would have produced the same results.

Well my friend this thought may make you feel better but its far from reality, just like some quarters were saying before the West Indies series, Abhi Doodh Ka Doodh aur Paani Ka Paani ho jaye ga, Pakistan have defeated them comfortably they came with only three established batsmen is it our fault, did people gave us margin when we lost a test in India while defending the total with just 2 bowlers or when we were reorganizing after Inzamam left, the funny thing is that which ever team Pakistan beats goes to the bottom of the barrel, the status of Pakistan team never changes.

In 2007 we were ranked #3 in tests and #3 in Odis that was before we played Zimbos and Banglas, same year India were ranked # 5 in both forms of the game. So my friend playing less cricket doesn't mean Pakistan are no longer a force in world cricket.

Anonymous said...

You guys are missing one point whosoever signed on that FTP program had no Idea that in 2008 nobody is going to tour Pakistan, the situation would not have been that bad if the teams were touring like they do when conditions are normal, also the fact that PCB was unable to fill the gaps due to the same reasons also made the situation worse, I am sure Shahryar khan must have thought that PCB might be able to fill the gap by inviting other teams nobody could have forseen this problem.

Anonymous said...

When was the last time you saw Pakistan getting thrashed against India like England is getting thrashed, proves the point that if Pakistan had played against Newzealand and England their win loss ratio would have been much better.

NC and Pankaj can you please remove this annoying word verification.

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