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Who retired first?

by Gaurav Sethi

Anil Bhai or Saurav Da?

Saurav announced his retirement before the series.

Anil announced his during the series.

Yet Saurav will play the last test at Nagpur.

While Anil will leave the building at Delhi.

Funny things these retirements.

Sure beat golden handshakes.

And Indian cricket is not like a sarkari job.

Or is it?

One things for sure, after a dull draw, at least we all have something to write about.

Thank you Anil Bhai. If not for you, we'd have been speechless.

Aside: Anil opened the bowling in his last innings, will Saurav open the batting next week?


straight point said...

thank you anil...

for you have stolen the thunder of great performance of ozies right under punters feet...

now wonder punter looked pissed off in award ceremony...

Tarun said...

Well,I think U know the answers to the questions u have put.
ANil obviously retires first, provided Ganguly isnt "dropped" from the next match,I dont think he will be dropped though.
If sourav will open then his tenure will be cut short by Lee&Co.
I dont think he will open the innings,neither do u.

Well Done Anil Kumble

Q said...

Wow! That was a quick exit. I expected it and even called it on numerous blogs that this would be Kumble's last series but I definitely did not expect him to announce his retirement with immediate effect on the final day of this test.

Who would have thunk it that Kumble wud be the 1st to go out of the 5 seniors.

Gaurav Sethi said...

sp - Haha! punter will always find something to be pissed off.
Better still, he should have announced it during the Aussie fightback daybefore - and called a press con too.

Gaurav Sethi said...

tarun, you've called it.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q - if not for his latest injury and waning form, he would've fancied England. Who doesn't?

Gng by his recent comments to the press, retirement seemed like the last thing on his mind.

As Suersh Menon says, "the spirit was willing but the flesh was 38 years old"

Q said...

No NC, he probably did not fancy England. He probably fancied a series win over Australia as a retirement present. It wasn't out of the blue after all.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Q - just read yr post, will comment on it there.

Repeat, if not for this latest injury and his waning form, he would've fancied England. And why not?

Here we go into the realms of make believe, but what if he'd not got injured -regained form - won Delhi - played Nagpur, and had one helluva series beating Australia.

To me, Kumble looked like a guy who even bowls in his sleep. And falls off his bed while doing so.

And had he been in top form, the Indian board would've pushed him for the next series, and he would've obliged. Just like when he became skipper (last choice) – refer naked cricket for more

Reckon he's called correctly.
coz the drive is still there but the gas is low.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Just to add, he could've done a SRT - layed off for a few games, let MSD captain Delhi, maybe even Nagpur. Rehabilitate. Relax, refresh, all the R words that those darn wellness places throw at you.

Face it, he was still stale in Delhi.