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Dream & Nightmare XIs.

by Gaurav Sethi

Bangladesh have been bad boys. They need to be spanked. Which they were, by Zimbabwe.

No, the Flowers haven't returned. Neither has Olonga. Nor Goodwin or Houghton or any of those guys who made your dream Zim XI. Now, out with it, you closet dreamer: what’s your Dream Zim XI? Don’t be shy just let your feelings roll on by…Is Traicos in? Johnson? And don’t say only Andy Flower, KP won’t like that.

Back to Bangladesh. They had their backs to all the walls in Mirpur. Zim 205, Shakib scalps 3 for 22. And what do Bangla do – they bungle it. Not Shakib though, he scorches 52 of 66.

Bangla 167/10. Time to rattle off your Nightmare Bangla XI, boys. How many for Ashraful as skipper, raise your typing finger.


Q said...

Our man Shakib just keeps going and going and going.. wonderful.. How did they end up on the losing side!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Totally. Top order has no staying power, Ashraful's lost it completely, prefers to bowl than scrap with the bat. Sure he got that ton, but Bangladesh's losing spree has got to him. Lotta talent gng waste there.