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The 94 runs later addiction

by Gaurav Sethi

Younis on 306, and we’re already thinking Inzi’s record, Hanif’s record, Lara’s record, 400. That’s akin to a new day, Younis starting his innings, on 6, and we’re already thinking 100. Or is it?

Bored Banner watch - "i like your hairstyle Ramiz Raja, please give me some tips." And to think, just a few minutes back, Ramiz's hairstyle struck me as a good cartoon option. Think Chuck Norris.

Rs. 1 million announced for Younis Khan if he reaches 400 by some suit.

The millions' gone.

Fernando to Younis Khan, OUT, Gone! Good length on the off stump and jagged back in sharply, gets on the back foot to defend but was bowled through the gate, end of an absolutely superb innings by the Pakistan captain, unfortunate to have missed out on the record but he's ensured his team saves the first Test after facing a mammoth score of 644 from Sri Lanka
Younis Khan b Fernando 313 (836m 568b 27x4 4x6) SR: 55.10

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