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Saffas vs Ozzies...why BCC! should be interested

by Bored Guest

by Ankit Mishra

I was wondering what to post about, and then the single biggest thing in southern hemisphere cricket came up. South Africa takes on Australia in a test series starting today and I dug up the reasons why a Bored Cricket Crazy Indian should be interested. It took careful research and a lot of free time to come up with this: 5 reasons why a BCC! should be interested...

1. The scenery in SA is very picturesque...Don’t watch the cricket watch the stands, if you know what I mean. The only other place that compares is the West Indies, but then there is a slight difference of pigmentation which we of course are not concerned about

2. You can have fun watching the teams tug it out on “who wants to be a #2”

3. You can use your creativity to suggest 101 ways to use the ICC Mace thingie. I could suggest one here, but then the site’s ratings would change.

4. You can watch the IPL players in action before the IPL. For example, you can see if Kallis plays faster in tests.

5. Play “Kaala Bandar” from “Delhi 6” and wear the tee saying “I am not missing Symmo”. No offence meant. Hope none taken.

please come up with your own ideas...lets make this more interesting than it is for us...


straight point said...

'who wants to be no. 2" LOL ankit!

6. keep an eye on punter's mid pitch conferences the topic this time will be "obama's latest stimulus package and its effects on world stage"

Gaurav Sethi said...

7. Duminy 8. North 9. Southee (ok he's on tomorrow)

Ankit Poddar said...

10. expansion of BCC!

with pakistan and sl now wanting to be a part of bored, now over to sa and oz!

Anonymous said...

yeah, remembered one more:

11. find another way to thank sachin. There is one everywhere