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Commentators across continents

by Bored Guest

In Asia, Rameez was at his Punjabi best. A catch was dropped off Kaneria's bowling so Rameez said that " he must get that out of his make-up". Then talking about Samaraweera's batting he says " what do they say perseverance commands success". Then the camera focused on a lady dressed in black and white and talking on her mobile phone and he says " no that's not the third umpire or match referee ".

In Africa, all the South Africans were hoping for a SA win, and when the ball wouldn't reach the boundary when struck by a SA batsman, they all wondered how the wanderers outfield had become so slow.

In the Americas, Atherton and Hussain barely spoke - bored like us. Gower in a heavy voice though was great to hear and I'm sure he has a drink in the break. We must get that out of our make-up though.

by Mohit Varma


Gaurav Sethi said...

scroll down a bit for waqar at his 'a' and 'the' best

sraghuna said...

Anyone here miss the sonorous Amin Sayani at his fraternal best ... Bhaiyon aur Behno ... or is that just the nostalgic baby boomer in me?