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Community Fa(r)ce

by achettup

"I will be their motivator and will cheer them through to the IPL season two finals." He will also interact with fans during the event in his role as 'fan mentor' and 'community face' for the franchise.

Thats Sreesanth. Shantakumaran-"I-haven't-played-cricket-in-a-year"-Sreesanth. Slapped by Harbhajan Singh. He will now be a "community face" for Kings XI Punjab. The irony is killing me.

K11P... Is this really what you want to represent your "community face"? "Fan Mentor"? Are you trying to tell all your fans you want them to be cry babies?


Gaurav Sethi said...

Emotional Atyachar

straight point said...

this way he will be respected and won't get slapped...again...