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Shame on you 19.2 overs

by Gaurav Sethi

Rain. 4 more balls to make a game. Vettori holds on to the ball. And the umpires balls too.


Soulberry said...

With one hand or two hands? :)

What does the D/L now say?

S'pose no play possible...India should be in a winnable posish...what?

Ankit Poddar said...

4 balls were bowled, more than them were bowled, and india won it! phew!

Gaurav Sethi said...

don't ask sb.

that was a little much, on commentary they say, "vettori's held on to the ball" the rain's cmg down, 4 more balls n we have a game, but no, they gotta go off. dumbass kiwi ump n rudi

Totally Ankit.

sraghuna said...

It's like water off a duckworth's back!