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Khalil, the driver, the pilot and the coach.

by Bored Member

According to reports just emerging Mehar Mohammad Khalil, the hero bus driver in Lahore was also the pilot of US Airways plane that successfuly landed in Hudson River. At the time due to political pressure he was forced to adopt the name Chesley Sullenberger.

To avoid publicity he returned to Lahore and became a part time bus driver to blend in to society. In the afternoons he instructed Pak captain Younus Khan on the best ways to bat against Murali and Mendis.

Mr Khalil has revealed that SL Sports Minister Mr Big House phoned him this morning to offer him the job of bowling coach with the responsibility of eradicating the no ball problem of Dilhara Fernando and making him bowl straight. Mr Khalil said he was forced to turn this job down as the task was beyond the ability of any man even one who managed two miracles in such short a time.

written by Inside Edge as a comment at Damith's Fly Slip


straight point said...

may be khali too did not wanted to 'over step' his (border) line...?

sraghuna said...

Go Go Go Khalil! Last heard he was also all 10 avatars of Vishnu, Obama's alter ego,Gandhi's reincarnation etc & had been requested by Lalit Modi to bail out the IPL ... another task that he deemed as un-doable!

Gaurav Sethi said...

Landing in Colombo, Sanga sang an ode to Khalil, "He drives me crazy"