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IPL to be postponed?

by Ankit

everyone pray that this is not true
let us all join our hands in prayer to the cricket gods
these torrid times need the IPL
I am no one to take guarantee of security in India, but for god sake, the IPL should not suffer
there is too much hope involved, there are no pakistani players involved
the IPL should not be affected, please!
so here is the prayer:

dear almighty, god of cricket
what is this sticky wicket?
do not curse the eye-pee-el
i promise sree-bhajji would kiss and tell

We asked you for money
you gave us plenty
we asked for lots of wins
you gave us god* and the prince*

we demanded a blend of everything awesome
season one was more than welcome
and now all we ask for is an encore
do we deserve this furore?

sachin would be thanked duly well
gilly would continue his farewell
haydos, dada would join in the fun
why do we fear, why be on a run?

we want eye-pee-el
we want eye-pee-el
we want eye-pee-el
we want eye-pee-el


1 comment:

Gaurav Sethi said...

prayer works. I'm already feelin better abt the ipl's chances.