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Please Tell Me You're Not Serious

by achettup

We're going half way around the world, to play four ODIs on grounds that are famous for the lack of concern and effort Chinese construction companies have for developing anything related to the sport? This in a year when we will play another stupid 7 match ODI series against the Aussies, the Champions Trophy, the T-20 World Cup not to mention the IPL and Champions League.

The first two tests of the Eng-WI series were exciting, the last one only got a little bit exciting in the last couple of sessions. Otherwise it was one heck of a boring tour. Even like that, I see no point in a team going all the way to the Windies for a bilateral ODI series. Looking at this schedule after this series in NZ we will next play a test in November against SL (3 matches) and then 2 against the mighty TIGER CRICKET minnows, Bangaldesh.

I was really glad when the BCCI decided to add an extra test to the NZ series. But the truth is our schedule is so packed with these stupid, meaningless, bilateral ODI matches that there is no room for tests. And don't get me started with the Champions Trophy, it was a stupid tournament last year when it never took place and I don't honestly know how many people want it this time around. Somebody please tell me that the schedule for the series in the WI is incomplete and they're still working on it. Its right after the T20 World Cup, and the Windies have a series against Bangladesh just after that too.


Gaurav Sethi said...

even a bored peon can devise a better FTP.

The ODIs in the windies are for Holding's friends n our cousins in the US.

Anonymous said...

wi toured india before 2007 wc.

in return bcci agreed to this tour.

Soulberry said...

Champions trophy? It's like snatching ICC's breakfast cereal.

Ankit Poddar said...

the west indies tour would have been a waste, even if it included test matches, so ODI's, well what a waste!

straight point said...

if you don't want to play in these stupid tours...take rest...we are not compelling you to play...


Anonymous said...

Australia again? How boring... really really gay.

Champions trophy should be given the boot... useless, pointless tournament.

Why don't they have a mixed tournament instead, like in mixed doubles in tennis.

Now that will rock.