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You just keep me dangling on.

by Gaurav Sethi

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While I grabbed a burger, a hundred and some Delhi Daredevils danglers (maybe that’s their new name, 4D for short) fluttered.

My burger stopped in midair, as I read the 4D misinformation.

It proclaimed, like some pre-poll propaganda -

“Join the Delhi Daredevil Club, make it to the Net sessions”

That really took the burger.

How on earth were they going to fly us all members for net practise to Johannesburg?

This was a few days back, pre-SAF announcement.

Then I see this in the mail (image above).

It says, The IPL is on track and the Daredevils are back.

This was March 16th, more than a week back, when the IPL was anything but on track.

It also talks loads about attending net sessions, hanging out with the team at post-match parties, travelling with them to away matches (in 3D transportation).

Wow. But how?

1 comment:

straight point said...

i tell you how...

to start with they were telling about 'net' session... ;-)