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Achettup's Moment Of IPL #3

by achettup

I wanted so badly to go with Q, a time-out for a 12 over innings probably does deserve two Bored moments and the game should have been abandoned by two overs or 7.5 minutes if the rain gods had any sense of poetic justice.

But I'm going to go with winning a match in under 5 overs, or 29 balls to be exact, duckworth lewis or no duckworth lewis... don't forget that 5 overs have to be bowled before a game can count as a result if it is rained out...


Gaurav Sethi said...

agree. KEP should have won. 4.5 overs, a premature win under D/L, a defeat.

Q said...

No one could have done it besides the Dostana couple!