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Achettup's Moment For IPL Match #4

by achettup

VVS's runout... Austin Powers would have done a three-point-turn quicker than VVS took to spin on his heel. Shukla didn't even bother with a direct hit, he had time to watch Sehwag's obilteration of KXIP, the Declaration of Independence and Mars Attacks, before deciding to pop it over to McCullum who had half circumnavigated the globe before turning back hearing that Gibbs had shouted "NO".

Honorable Mentions:

  1. Sharma Running Out Agarkar
  2. Doull telling (recent St Kitts citizen and Alcoholics Anonymous member) Herschelle Gibbs to go enjoy a drink after his performance.
  3. And as mentioned by Ankit, that glorious six welcoming lethargic Agarkar to IPL Season 2.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Laxman had almost crossed Gibbs. He should have gone and left Gibbs hanging. Being a team man hurts, Lax. You never learn, do you? This is the age of selfish youngsters who just care for them, not the team or organisation.Earlier you learn it the better. Else, even in the commentary team, Ravi Shastri who knows how to play politics and which boot to lick, will screw you. Be Selfish, VVS, thats the gen-Z mantra,