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Shahrukh Khan Confirms Rumours Regarding his Sexuality

by Q

We all know that he's married to Gauri.

Recently, however, in the most shocking revelation of this century, SRK publicly announced that HE WILL SLEEP WITH EVERY MEMBER OF THE KOLKATA KNIGHT RIDERS SQUAD.

Don't believe me?

Check it out for yourself!

So Dada, Gayle, McCullum, Hussey Jr, Hodge, Agarkar, Dinda - they're all going to get lucky with SRK this season.

I wonder if Ponting knew about the offer.


straight point said...

i told ya he is not a good punter... :)

Anil Singh said...

Shahrukh Khan has a habit of talking more than what is necessary. He needs Gavaskar sahab's advice to run a team PR for sure.

Gaurav Sethi said...

AB, but where is SMG sahab an economical talker

Soulberry said...

Well even if they condemn it in their parliament, battymen are quite the fad in Jamaica...Gayle wouldn't be too perturbed by Khan's offer. Dunno about the rest.

Unknown said...

I guess he is tried everything as a owner for the Kolkata Knight Riders to come home victorious. I have already seen a video of SRK Dancing with injured hand. Here is the video