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India Kiddie XI

by Ankit Poddar

When NC commented on this post on WWC at All Padded Up, asking me to write on kiddie cricket, I started thinking. And it took me a long, long while to think of a concept for this post!

So, here is the post on kiddie cricket, which lists the Indian Kiddie XI to play in the ICC Kiddie World Cup, if such a tournament ever takes place. Considering the number of ICC sponsored tournaments are to take place in this year and the next and the one after that, it isn't that distant a possibility.

I guess it is only befitting that this post comes from the kid on the Bored, as confirmed by the Bored mail correspondences. From the kid on Bored, about the kids in Indian Cricket!

I hope you will, along with me, push for success of these new kids on the block!

Indian Kiddie XI

Sachin Tendulkar [Coach, Mentor, Thank Acceptor]: The hunger for runs he displays even at this age, surely makes him a kid for cricketing terms. Yada Yada. Little Master. Blah blah blah. And though the yadas and the blahs are all true, Tendlya simply will be making an entry into any team that as Indian written over it, unless he chooses not to.

Gautam Gambhir: The most obvious choice as opening partner to Sachin, with his kiddish demeanour and all. Ironically, he turned 18 this week only. So, you got to find us a replacement now! I propose Ajinkya Rahane, but it is for you to choose.

Cheteshwara Pujara: The next wall to some, simply Che to others! Will be making the No. 3 position his own. Amen!

Darsheel Safary: If we are having a Kiddie XI, we might as well have a kid among the team. And as the latest Parle-G ad suggests, he can do better than Amir Khan, who as we all know is a match winner when it comes to nerve-wrecking situations (remember Lagaan?!)

Kunal Khemu: He desperately wants to go back to being a kid, when he was still loved by the public. He gets this place out of that sympathy.

Parthiv Patel [WK]: Caught in a time-warp, this poor fellow, has failed to grow. In terms of stature or age!

Kapil Dev
[C]: For crying like babies or bahus on National Television. With that moustache, he couldn't get into WWC, so we might as well include him here. Though the other BCCI doesnt't let him play, we got absolutely no problems with this ICL rebel, as long as he performs well.

Piyush Chawla
: Again the kid face does the trick!

The slot for the off spinner is open. I thought of Bhajji, but that stubborn kid refuses to learn the magic of flight. Hence, kept out of team (ala class) for disciplinary reasons.

Ishant Sharma
: The biggest kid sensation in the International Arena, comes in to the team as an automatic choice.

Dhawal Kulkarni
: A star cricketer in the making, bowls fast, real fast, learns faster and could be a perfect foil for Ishant.

Irfan Pathan
[12th Man]: The kid with promise, ruined probably forever. With Dev already in the team, this Kapil impostor could only make it as the 12th Man.

And yeah, two kids from the Bored have teamed up for striking new strokes, Check out their Paddle Sweep!


straight point said...

beCHEra badri now he can't even find place in kiddi xi...

Vyom said...

nice one ankit.
Yaa i sympathize with badri for not making it here too

Ankit Poddar said...


can he bowl off spin? can he open?

if he does, then we have two open slots in the XI

Q said...

Speaking off Kunal Khemu.. everytime I look at NC's blogger pic, it reminds me of Kunal Khemu.. why?

Gaurav Sethi said...

Parthiv Patel can always swing little hearts as the sponsors.

team anthem: dil hai chota sa

team merchandise: barbie

Q, i had to google the khemu fellah, that was below the belt, will spk to you in the bored chambers.

Q said...

Nai yaar NC.. it was anything but that.. look here:

Everytime i see the lil thumbnail next to Naked Cricket I see him..

Ankit Poddar said...


lol, man.. i don't disagree with NC, that does a little insulting for anybody, i mean khemu!

Ankit Poddar said...


a perfect anthem!

and look at the brighter side of Q's joke, you get a place in the esteemed Kiddie XI!

though i am really disappointed with everyone, as no body as really made a suggestion for Gauti's place and off spinner's slot!

Gaurav Sethi said...

ankit, make do with paul admas for now, he just somersaulted into the kiddie xi

and make parthiv patel open in the grand tradition of makeshift openers.

Ankit Poddar said...


paul adams, yeah why not! pretty perfect!

parthiv to open, in the grand tradition of make openers!

a spot in the middle order now empty!!

Akshay said...

I cant believe you took kunal Khemu over our very own deaf and dumb Iqbal(shreyas talpade) ....ur just insensitive/partial towards the deaf and dumb :P

Ankit Poddar said...


welcome to bored!

Am I? if only iqbal could bowl spin, he would be there! or may be not! hasn't he like "grown up" to be a sensation!

Akshay said...

cummon how can he be a grown up ???
For christ's sake he used to play with cows as team mates how can that be grown up ?
Also usually sympathy is more deserved by the deaf and dumb

Ankit Poddar said...

hmm, please stop making his pleas on grounds of his handicap, he is a proven performer, make his performance a part of your plea!

coz, for this bored or any other board, performance is what we take into consideration,

and i still believe he has grown up into a big sensation, and i rest my case with that!

Akshay said...

you are just acting like the Indian selector selecting L.Balaji ...cause u have bias and sympathy towards a certain Khemu who has no performance on his CV.At least Iqbal has the world renowned "chakravyuh" to his name.
I think i would have to approach Raj Thackeray to bring forth this cruelty against this " marathi manus "