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by Gaurav Sethi

30th December 1999, Baga Beach, Goa: In between the watermelon vodka and the coconut water vodka, I swayed into a shack to watch cricket.

Many beers and days earlier, South Africa had been asked to follow on by England. Since then I had missed out on most of day 4 and 5. So when I swayed into the shack I expected reruns on tv, not coach Kirsten battling for more than two days to save the game.

That was Kingsmead, Durban, when Kirsten battled for over 200 overs, 878 minutes, scoring 275.

And it all comes together now: Just before Gambhir walked out to bat on the 3rd evening in Napier, coach Kirsten called him aside and said, “Gautam, if I could do it so can you”


Q said...

But ofcourse!!

Gautam has more than once praised Gary for his better form.

Gaurav Sethi said...

instead of the board giving him a raise, viru and sehwag give him a praise