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NC moment of the match plug-in

by Gaurav Sethi

MoM interview, SMG to Ojha - "nervous bowling to Sachin Tendulkar". Ojha "yes, of course, he is the best batsman in the world". Not too long back, Ojha too was part of the Thank You Sachin brigade. Today, so can you. Say it, Thank You Sachin! For letting Ojha bowl to the best batsman in the world. And thank you SMG for letting us know.

(please enjoy the Thank You Sachin posts responsibly; look out for Ojha's posts, including a toon by SP)


KishyCool said...

Sachin is really an unnecessarily hyped player and his inefficiency in chasing a total of 160+ is the best example of that. He better retire from cricket and give some good cricketer a chance to play.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Hi KishyCool,
Posted two pics along with the post, do have a look.

KishyCool said...

Nice pics NC, u really have a good sense or humor.

Gaurav Sethi said...

Thank you KishyCool!
The toon is by Bored Member Straight Point. cheers!