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A - premonition from IPL 2014!

by Ankit Poddar

Such is the state with cricket boredom, that it is what we now have premonitions about!

So, here is the one that I have had. The one from IPL-2014!


IPL Chairman Lalit Modi thanks Government of Afghanistan for providing them with the best security measures and brilliant hospitality through out the IPL.

Che, formerly known as Cheteshwar Pujara, the captain of India and IPL Saurashtra Team, thanked Sachin for inspiring him to lead his side to IPL victory, and to play his cricket, this morning!

The senior players of Indian Cricket team, MSD and Blank Singh, formerly known as Harbhajan, have decided to use IPL to prove their critics (who say they are now past their prime) wrong, ala RD and Sachin in IPL 2009!

Yuvraj has been replaced by Shaun Marsh as the captain of KXIP. Yuvraj thanks John Buchanan, the coach of their team, and says now he can concentrate more on getting a regular place in the India Test XI.

Sachin gave a TV interview to us this morning. He is still humble after all major players have thanked him. He says one of the major reasons, he is still playing, is to get another World Cup for India, after all the man with 123 international centuries can not be satisfied with being a part of just one WC winning team!

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Mind you! You read it here first!


straight point said...

good one ankit... :)

here are mine...

ganguly issued statement that he will fight back...

buchanan has come up with 'multi-player' theory in the team of 11 captains!! and all captains are looking perplexed that how this idea will work...

RajaB said...

good one...

me has one to add,

The IPL commissioner Modi said that they would explore a possiblity of extending the seven and a half minute cricket break to ten minutes even if it means compromising on the quality of the strategy breaks.

Ankit Poddar said...


thank you!

yeah, ganguly decides to fight back, and RD, is patiently sipping his Kingfisher Strong!

lol, the 11 captain theory! poor KXIP now!

Ankit Poddar said...

Raja B,

thank you!

lol, yeah, the strategy breaks are set to increase in year 2014.

may be in 2015, you will IPL matches extending up to entire breaks!

a strategy break of 10 mins after every 2 overs! a lot of strategy cooking there, which would be an obvious off shoot of 11 captains in a team!

yes, I can see it happening!

Unknown said...

truley dis can b possible in mere future.... true,

Vyom said...

Good one Ankit :)
The best part was thanking Afghanistan for security and hospitality :)

One more thing I would add is Dravid would be the phycologist for Bangalore Royal Challengers, providing them important mental lessons after impressive performances in past 5 IPL's.

Anonymous said...

spot on :)

What happened to bikini killer rohit sharma?

Ankit Poddar said...


yes, if sachin and sourav are accounted for, then we had to find what happened to RD!

thank you vyom!

Ankit Poddar said...


rohit sharma would be extinct by 2014! the anger of the bloggers took him down!

Q said...


The Pakistanis refused to tour Afghanistan because of security concerns. While the other teams thought they were adequate Pakistan's request for ZZZ level security was not granted. Pakistanis being targets around the world denied touring any country without top level protection.

Ankit Poddar said...


lol, that was quite an input, but unfortunately there can seem no confidence when i say, there is will be pcb in 2014!