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Robbing Singh - prelude to a termination letter

by Gaurav Sethi

Hello maan,

Thought we'd drop you a line while your wards dropped a few more catches.

We haven't seen any of the highly suspect methods employed by you, but we are in complete agreement that you should be taken out of your employment.

Seeing as this is the prelude to your termination letter, please help us answer a few questions. This will make your termination swift.

1) Who the f**k are you answerable to –Kirsten, India’s star players or are you Indian crickets’ KPS Gill? Bottom line, how long before you feel the pinch?

2) What does it take for a fielder to improve - Sidhu improved enough to become Jonty Singh. Do Munaf Patel and Ishant Sharma have to take another man's life to give a batsman fewer lives?

3) On a good day, India's catching is on par with the Windies’ catching on a bad day, and don't we all know where you come from maan?

4) Is the BCCI trying to makeup for you playing most of your international cricket in your twilight years?

5) Are you just one of the boys – and coach Kirsten has taken it upon himself to not only worsen the players’ fielding but your coaching too

6) Are you too polite a guy to ask Yuvi to take his vitamins and catches

7) Do the players not understand your Trinidadian accent

Good luck with your new life,

Bored Member

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