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Kolkata Knght Riders will come last

by bored cricket crazy indians

John will like this multiple options’ poll. Let it out John, click on your loser team. With your backing, KKR might just keel over. Or is it the Deccan Chargers that you’re uprooting again? Say it, the new Bored Polls are on. Tell us the most off team. Could it just be Preity’s Punjab? Or Mallya’s Bangalore? Jao, Poll khul gaye!


straight point said...

as per latest directives you could be banned for influencing voters... ;-)

Anonymous said...

lol SP... getting into the spirit and all!

I'll tell you how I voted... I even wrote a blog on it... not at soal though... but here

Gaurav Sethi said...

A, not another site 2 register, pls mail

SP, i'm a marked man

Gaurav Sethi said...

A, i hear ya, and the comments.