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Welcome to South Africa

by Fake IPL Player

South Africahhh! I knew I could never make it as an India player here, but if they are bringing me here to do nothing at all but stay at sexy hotels and gawk at chicks I would never get a chance to even dream about back in Saket, I’ll take it. Thank You God!

During the team trials, all I did was bowl ten deliveries, about 2 of which turned, ran 2 laps of the municipal ground, and I was in! Either this team is so confident of its main team that the bench doesn’t matter, or I am much more talented than what I think, definitely more than what my dad thinks.

I knew from Day 1 that I would never get a game, but would be with the squad. Little did I know back then that being with the squad meant that I get to go to bloody South Africa. Yay. Hurrah. Mum was happy. The girl wasn’t. She wanted to know when I would be rich enough to afford her as my WAG? I told her to stop reading stupid magazines.

Hasmuk, our skipper is always happy with every situation. Coach not on time. Koi nai! I mean this guy epitomises the chalta hai attitude, right from his footwork to his dressing sense to his confidence in his crappy English skills!

More coming up pretty soon.

Note: this post was written on 17th April, and I am posting it this late as I had no idea how to, till I got the invite from you guys. Thanks a lot for making me heard too. Cos shit happens towards the north of the tropic of cancer as well!


Gaurav Sethi said...

Amit Mishra?

Ankit said...

i dont think so. he said that he never hoped to make it an india player!

could be yogesh nagar or umesh yadav...

could also be lalu's con, Tejaswi Yadav...went to school with him...Damn good with the written word...

Anonymous said...

Shikhar Dhawan or Virat Kohli? Whats this man trying to prove ? And whats the purpose of his blog?